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We are the leader in providing solar energy systems to the ever expanding 12 volt power industry. If it runs on 12 volt DC power, Mobile Solar Pros can provide it. We can  install our systems on all types of vehicles and equipment:  Recreation Vehicles, Travel Trailers, Coaches, Boats, Trucks, School Buses, Construction Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Dump Trailers, Horse Trailers, Airplanes, Tractors, Motorcycles,  just to name a few. We also have many  solar solutions to power electric gates, landscape lighting, caution and safety lighting, power backup energy equipment, (generators, sirens radios etc,). If you need efficient, cost effective renewable energy you have come to the right place…

Let us come to you!

We at Mobile Solar Pros understand the challenges of juggling a family and full work schedule.  

Here is what our customers say they like best about doing business with Mobile Solar Pros.

• Time saving convenience- we come to you.
• Ease of shopping- mobile showroom.
• Professionalism-factory trained professionals that understand the products and services they offer.
• Assurance-guaranty on all products and installation.
• Trust-we recommend the appropriate system for the job. 
• Confidence-high quality brand name solar charging systems at an affordable price. 

When our well trained Mobile Solar Pros Dealer shows up at your location for an appointment, they have everything they need to help you select a solar charging system that will fit your needs.  Our custom trailer is a multipurpose mobile facility.  It’s a mobile showroom, sales, service and installation center, all this to serve you our customer right at your location.   

Just a few benefits of solar power:

• No more dead batteries
• Maximize battery life (can easily double the life of your batteries or more).
• Green, Clean and quite (no more noisy generators).
• Virtually maintenance free (no moving parts).
• Electrical independence, go to the mountains, lakes, ocean beaches, anywhere the sun shines, (free energy).
• Safe and reliable (25 year performance warranty on solar panel).
• Free of vibration & pollution.
• Easy to use, simply place it in the sun and generate electricity.

We invite you to contact us and let us show you how easy it is to shop for a solar energy system and take advantage of all the benefits solar energy has to offer.  Thank you for your interest in Mobile Solar Pros, we look forward to visiting with you about your solar energy needs. 

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